The Studio of Photographic Arts (SOPHA), an 4,500 square foot rental studio and photographic community in Manchester, New Hampshire. SOPHA was founded in 2006 to support photographers of all levels by renting equipment, providing instruction, and offering the coolest space possible for its members to practice and display their art.

While we are run like much like a co-op, with member photographers using our space and our services as they need, our services are available to non-members as well.

Bud Thorpe

Bud Thorpe is the owner of SOPHA.  Bud is an accomplished self-taught photographer and experienced instructor.  You can reach Bud at bud@theSOPHA.com.


Kim SancrantiKimberly Buccheri is our resident artist, supporting the activities of SOPHA daily.  Kim is a frequently-published dog photographer and instructor.  You can see more of her work here.  You can reach Kim at Kim@theSOPHA.com.

SOPHA is supported by a great Staff of experienced photographers.  We recommend contacting us to schedule a tour of SOPHA so you can learn more about SOPHA and the efforts of its fantastic Member photographers.