D2 Air Kit Rental

D2 Air Kit Rental

D2 Air Kit Rental.

Our D2 kit is a great choice. This kit includes the D2 Air light, power cord, protective cover, carrying case, Air Remote (Nikon, Canon, or non-TTL Universal), light stand (11’ or c-stand), and Profoto RFi 2’x3’ softbox, and RFi Speedring.

This D2 is the flagship moonlight in the Profoto line. It is an AC powered light built for speed! It will cycle up to full power in about one second – that is a full 1000ws! This light is both Manual and TTL and is capable of high speed sync up to 1/8000th of a second. Quite frankly, this light is a speed demon!

This item rents for $144 for SOPHA Members, $180 for Non-Members.

SOPHA rental prices are for a two night rental period. One week is two rental periods (six night rental).

Pick up and drop off times are scheduled with each customer. Weekend and evenings are available.

While we can often accommodate last minute rentals, we highly recommend reserving the gear you need. Reserved gear that is not picked up is charged the full rate. A full 96 hours must be given for all rental reservation cancellations.

SOPHA does not offer insurance: you are responsible for all rentals including all damages or loss at the full retail value of the equipment plus time lost out of service.

Rental rates are subject to change. We are not responsible for typographical errors.

Looking for something? Ask! We just might have it!

Call SOPHA at (603) 782-8403 to reserve your gear or get our advice on the gear to best fit your needs.

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