Photo Flea

On Saturday, March 10, 2018, SOPHA will be holding a photography community flea market in our studios from 9AM to Noon.

Buy or Sell – it is all awesome!
This is your opportunity to sell photographic equipment that you are no longer using!
It is also your chance to score a really good deal on some used gear!

Admission is free to shop this event.
No you don’t need to be a SOPHA Member to participate!

Selling at the Flea:
Tables are available to rent if you would like to sell at our flea. Click here to rent your table – while our studio is huge – the space we have set aside for rental tables is limited.

Consign at the Flea:
New this year: CONSIGNMENT. If you have gear to sell and don’t want the hassle of dealing with the sale, you can consign your item(s) to us. Please contact Bud at the studio for details.

What is for sale?
A total hodge-podge of stuff, we can assure you! Photo gear of all sorts! In past years we have seen lenses and cameras, lights and modifiers, backgrounds, props, wardrobe, set pieces – honestly – the full range of photo gear.

A few things to consider:
– NO EARLY BIRDS. Really. No early birds what so ever.
– No, we won’t list the gear SOPHA is selling – if you want to buy it, come and see it.
– The studio must be totally cleaned out by 1230pm.
– All items must be somehow related to photography, or props, or wardrobe.
– You cannot discard items at SOPHA – take your crap home.
– All sales are private between the buyer and seller.
– SOPHA assumes no responsibility for any sale or purchase.

Because of the unique nature of this event, there are no refunds on table space.

Want to reserve your table space?  Click here.