Membership FAQ

SOPHA Membership FAQs

Do all SOPHA Membership have a one year commitment?
Yes.  While you make a payment every month for your membership, both Memberships have a one year commitment.  It is only with this level of commitment that SOPHA is able to operate at a sustainable level.

How are the payments made?
We use a subscription through PayPal.  We find them to be secure, reliable, and user friendly.  You will have to have  a PayPal account to be a SOPHA Member.

As an Studio Member can I add the Education Membership to my current membership?
You sure can.  The fee is $40 and paid with a PayPal Subscription.  This subscription will run at the same time as your existing Studio Membership subscription.  (Example: you are a Gold Member now paying $89 per month.  You will start a new $40 per month subscription to cover the Education benefits).

Can I switch between Studio and Education Membership?
Yes, members can switch over once in any one year.  We examine each case individually and Members should talk to our staff about your options.  In any case, the one year commitment applies.

Can I be BOTH a Studio Member AND an Education Member?
Sure you can.  You simply select the Studio Membership level of your choice and add a $40 monthly fee to cover the Education Membership portion.  Yes, this represents a Hybrid Membership discount!

Can I use the studio if I am an Education Member?
Yes, you certainly can.  Your rate will be our regular non-member rate and you will need to have completed our orientation requirements.  If you have done our orientation in the past, it remains valid.

 As a Studio Member, can I take one of the Education Member Programs?
Sure!  You will need to pay the class fee, less your 20% Member Discount of course!

As an Education Member, can I trade my classes for studio time?
No.  If you need studio time, you will need to pay the full rate or become a Hybrid Member (both Education and Studio Member)

As an Education Member, can I trade my Education Membership Program class for other SOPHA programs, classes, or events? 
No.  The included classes are only the two-hour program offered each month.  We don’t allow trades, swaps, changes, or modifications to the program.  Your membership only covers your participation and your seat cannot be given to anyone else.

As a Studio Member, can I trade my studio time for classes?
No.  If you want to participate in an Education Membership Program you will need to pay the required fee (less your SOPHA Member Discount).

I haven’t read all the information here, so can I just call and have you explain it all to me?
Sure!  We think SOPHA has a lot to offer our area’s photographers and we will be glad to tell you all about it.  Our phone number is (603) 782-8403.  Operators are standing by.