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While many of SOPHA’s classes and services are available to non-members, at its core, SOPHA is a membership community.

We offer three different Memberships!
Each of the three Memberships has big benefits to help you along your photographic path!


 SOPHA Memberships Compared
SOPHA Memberships Compared

Education Membership
Education Members enjoy two educational programs each month – each two hours long and packed with information – running the full range of the photographic experience.  These two hour programs are included in the Education Membership.  That is a huge 48 hours of interactive photographic content offered each year to Education Members!  And while Education Members do not have included studio hours, they are welcome to rent studio time at our regular rate.  Education Membership is $59 per month for a one year commitment.

Studio Membership
Studio Members get all the benefits of Membership PLUS studio time in our world-class photographic space!  If you are a working photographer in need of space, or an enthusiast looking to up your game – or heck – just about any photographer looking to use a climate controlled studio – Studio Membership is the choice for you!  Studio Members get studio hours to use every month, the number depending on the level of their membership!  And remember, Studio Members enjoy a fantastically low rental rate – and in our studio – the lighting gear is always included!  Studio Membership starts at $159 per month with a one year commitment.

Hybrid Membership
Hybrid Members get the best of both worlds!  This Membership is a combination of both the Education and Studio Memberships.  The best of both worlds!  Hybrid members simply select the level of Studio Membership and add $40 per month for the Education Membership component.


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