Education Membership

NEW!  Education Membership at SOPHA.

SOPHA has been the area’s leader in photographic education for over ten years.  And continuing to lead the way, we are thrilled to announce that starting on January 1, 2017, we will be offering an entirely new Membership.

How would you like two classes per month included in your membership?

Building on our core strengths of community and education, this new type of membership is called the Education Membership. At its core are all the benefits of our existing memberships, including discounts on all our classes, discounts on equipment rentals, discounts on tutoring, use of our complimentary lending library, and of course access to our amazing monthly image review nights (SOPHA Salon).

Sound interesting?  It sure is!

But Education Membership ha  s one more awesome perk. Every month SOPHA will offer two programs at no additional cost for Education Members! Each interactive two-hour program will be packed with photographic insights and knowledge and taught by subject matter experts. The subjects of these programs will run the full range of the photographic experience from the Fundamentals to Photoshop & Lightroom, Business & Marketing to Fine Art & Creativity, Adventure & Travel to Sports & Outdoor Photojournalism & Landscapes.

Let’s whet your appetite!  Here are the upcoming programs in our Education Membership Series – be sure to click through to see more:

Secrets of Photographing Youth Sports presented by Joe Brown

The Perfect Export: Aspect Ratios, Resolution and Cropping presented by Bud Thorpe

Mastering the Nikon Speedlight presented by Bud Thorpe

Creating Photo Albums in Lightroom presented by Bud Thorpe

Mastering the Canon Speedlite presented by Bud Thorpe

Conquering Your Photographic Workflow presented by Bud Thorpe

We hold two classes per month – here is a sampling of the programs we have offered in the past!

Building Your Portfolio: Image Selection and Design presented by Bud Thorpe

Take Control of Your Lightroom Catalog presented by Rob Sylvan

Where Lemurs Roam: Travel Photography in Madagascar presented by Judith LeClerc

Advanced Techniques for Mastering Exposure presented by Bud Thorpe

Retouching Faces in Photoshop presented by Bud Thorpe

Mastering Autofocus presented by Bud Thorpe

In Person Sales: Going from $300 to $5000 presented by Bud Thorpe

Photo Back Up and Storage presented by Monte Kamps

And remember that each of these programs is included in the cost of your Education Membership.  That is a huge deal and a fantastic value.

Education Membership is $59 per month (one year commitment).  Membership is paid through a PayPal subscription.  You can add an Education Membership to a Studio Membership (Hybrid) for just $40 per month (one year commitment).

All dates for 2017 are listed here:

While we won’t be announcing the remaining programs in the line up until we get a bit closer, the programs in the Education Membership Series will be scheduled on rotating days of the week and weekends to best accommodate as many Members as possible.  The planned dates for 2017 are scheduled now, but do bear in mind that the schedule might change (we will let you know!).

Education Membership class dates 2017

All programs in the Education Membership Series will be open to non-members for a fee, and Studio Members can join us for a fee as well (our 20% Membership discount applies of course!)

More than just classes!

Education Membership is about so much more than these two free classes every month!  With an Education Membership to SOPHA you get a big discount on all SOPHA classes, our specialized one-on-one tutoring, our best-in-class equipment rentals, and much more!  Education Members also get access to our exclusive Members-Only facebook group.  Oh, and did we mention Members get free access to our lending library?

And don’t forget one of Membership’s biggest benefits: SOPHA Salon – our once-monthly in-person image review night.

How about some fine print?

There are some important things to know about Education Membership at SOPHA.  Only the two classes announced for each month are ‘included’ in your membership; other programs are available at the Member’s discounted price.  We don’t allow trades, swaps, changes, or modifications to the program.  Your membership only covers your participation and your seat cannot be given to anyone else.  Studio use for an Education Member is at the non-member rate (currently $75 per hour). While we have a brisk online community for Members-Only on facebook, continued access to our online community is subject to continued professional conduct. Finally, know that all SOPHA Memberships are a one year commitment. We do not issue refunds on membership fees.  SOPHA Membership terms, rates, and conditions are subject to change with notice.

Not sure which Membership is for you?

Be sure to check out our chart which compares our Memberships side by side.  Also, don’t miss our Education Membership Frequently Asked Questions page.

Can you be both a Studio Member and an Education Member?

You sure can.  We call this a Hybrid Membership and it is best of both world with both included studio hours and included educational programs.  You can check out the Hybrid Membership here.

What next?

If you are interested in Education Membership at SOPHA, we recommend you review the course calendar (above) and the current classes listed in our Class section.  If you want, contact us to schedule a tour.  This way you can get a feel for who we are, what we do, and how we can help you along your photographic path.  You can contact us using the form to the right of this page or at the email/phone listed below.

Ready to sign up?

If you are ready to sign up, head over to the Membership Application page and fill out our short form.  Once complete a member of our SOPHA Staff will be in contact with you to get you set up in our online community and guide you through the next steps.