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Add to your lighting skills in this exciting follow up to our popular KickStart Studio Lighting Class!

Sunday, June 25, 2017 from 930am to 430pm

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Next Class:  Sunday, June 25, 2017 from 930am to 430pm

Add to your lighting skills in this exciting follow up to our popular KickStart Studio Lighting Class!

While folks know that we have the best beginning studio lighting class –  did you know we have an awesome follow up program as well?  We do!

Join us for this full day hands-on class that uses real world challenges to show you how to meet your vision in the studio!

SOPHA’s studio programs are hands-on – and that is the key to their awesomeness!

Do you really learn watching a video?  Or do you learn best by actually thinking and doing?  

We thought so.

In this full day program we always warn our student’s to wear comfortable shoes.  Why?  Because you won’t be sitting down much at all.  Our program is active, hands on, and all about getting you able to SEE light, MANIPULATE light, and SOLVE lighting challenges.  We train your eye as much as your hands – and the only way we can do this is with your camera in your hands, in the studio, working.

The key to our process: the lighting challenge

In the real world of photography we are always solving problems.  The client needs a flattering head shot?  The client needs a high contrast punchy product shot?  The client needs a full length catalog shot?  It really doesn’t matter the client or the occasion: a photographer is there to help the client solve their problem!  Not a working photographer?  The same truth applies: an artistic photographer is always trying to make their image meet their inner eye.  The challenges are no less real.

We help you learn faster and more thoroughly by having you interpret the challenges you face in the studio and apply real world solutions.  We do this by giving you challenges to solve.  You and your small group puzzle through the options (guided by your instructor as needed) and you shoot the solution!  It is not enough to SEE the solution.  It is the process of solving the challenge where real meaningful learning happens!

Our program runs from 930am to 430pm and we cover a lot of ground!

We start on time to make the most use of our time together in the studio.  Using models as our subjects, we guide you through as many challenges as possible.  Our challenges go beyond the basics and reach deep into the depths of useful lighting knowledge.  By using hands on learning, we can explore soft vs. hard light, depth of light, main-to-fill ratios, using gels effectively, and modifier selection to name just a few concepts!

Have you ever seen a studio image that you really wish you knew how to shoot?

This is the basis of our method: that our students can learn to see light and apply it just as well.  In fact, in our program some challenges give you a sample image to replicate – and while those challenges seem easy, they aren’t!  And the creative lighting process behind creating those images can be truly meaningful.

We don’t hide fees!

Lunch and model fees are included in our program cost.  This program is open to all but remember, SOPHA Members get a 20% discount on all our programs!

Are you new to studio lighting?

We feel this program is best for photographers who have taken our KickStart Studio Lighting program, or have the same knowledge base.  You should be able to make manual adjustments on your camera for exposure, know the basics of studio lighting, being able to set up a light and make exposure adjustments on the light.  If you aren’t sure if the program is for you, give us a call and we can help you pick the right class for you!

Interested?  Want to know more about this program or about SOPHA?  

Give us a call at (603) 782-8403 and we can get you all the information you need!

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