KickStart Studio Lighting


Make the leap into controlled photographic lighting in this one day class!
April 23, 2020 from 9am to 5pm



Thursday April 23, 2020 from 9am to 5pm
Studio A , SOPHA, Manchester, NH
Presented by Bud Thorpe and the SOPHA Staff

Special Note about our 4/23/20 class:

This modified studio lighting class is being offered as a separate program ahead of Belinda Richard’s course titled “‘Look Who’s Talking Now’ – Communication Through Pet Photography” program.  This two-day deep-dive course looks into digital composites with animals.  Both a studio and a Photoshop course, Belinda is sure to excite you with her skills and the opportunities her techniques will offer your photography.  Belinda is the 2019 Australian Photographer of the Year, and a talented full time dog and pet photographer from Melbourne, Australia.

We will be modifying our KickStart Studio Lighting Course for pet photographers.  This one day all hands on program will be taught by Bud Thorpe and Kimberly Buccheri, who you may know as the masterminds behind Kimberly Sarah Photography.

This is the usual course description:

Have you wanted to get into studio lighting?

Have you wanted to train your eye to “see” light?

Have to wanted to make the leap into controlled lighting?

This is a the class for you!

Our one-day KickStart Studio Lighting class is a full day of hands on lighting teaching and experience. Intended for beginners and those who want to fill in gaps from self-learning, this class will help you make the leap into photographic studio lighting.

We will make full use of our huge 6,000 s.f. of studio space here at SOPHA in Manchester, New Hampshire. We use our two fully equipped studios as our “playground” as we learn to light the simple to the complex.

More than a class, this program is a learning experience!
This is not a PowerPoint class!  This is a hands-on active class where you learn how to set up, meter, and use the lights to create your vision!

Here is how we spend our day:
In the morning we give a brief talk (about 20 minutes) on “Why studio lighting?”, and that is about the last time you will be sitting all day!  We move on to the studio where you will break up into small groups and learn to light a four light portrait set up – one light at a time.

By taking our time and having YOU set up the lights, having YOU attach the softboxes and reflectors, and having YOU meter the lights – YOU learn how to achieve the look you want in your images.  By showing you a standard or “classic” portrait lighting set up, we train your eye to see the light!

After a pizza lunch (provided), we kick the program into high gear!  Using sample images torn from magazines, we ask you to analyze how the image was lit – and them we have to do it!  That’s right – using tears from magazines, you will use our studio and lights to duplicate images!  By APPLYING what you learned in the morning, you will get a much better understanding of the principles taught!  It is one thing to see an image, yet another to understand how it was lit, and a greater thing indeed to actually do it.  We bring in models as your subjects for the afternoon so that you can create some great images!

We don’t have big classes.
Our lighting class typically has 8 students or less.  You get tons of time with the gear and with the instructor(s).

This course runs from 9am to 5pm.  
Please don’t be late as we start all SOPHA programs ON TIME.  You WILL miss important content if you are late.  Thanks for understanding!

“But I am not an expert!”
You don’t have to be a camera expert to get started in studio lighting – not at all.  We all started some where.  What you do need is a desire to learn, a functioning camera, and the ability to make manual adjustments to the camera.  And heck, we will even rent you the camera!

“But I have taught myself studio lighting at home!”
Awesome!  We love initiative.  But can we ask you this?  Are you getting the results you want?  Are you getting consistent results?  Can you get great results quickly and efficiently?  No?  Then you should strongly consider this class to help you fill in the gaps from your self-learning.  We really are good at what we do – and we want you to be too!

“But I really only want to shoot on location!”
We can’t blame you – location shooting is awesome!  But we believe – STRONGLY – that until you can “see” light and master it in the controlled setting of the studio, you won’t get great consistent light when working outdoors in that uncontrolled environment.  We also offer classes on location lighting too – but we always recommend you start here – with our beginning KickStart Studio Lighting class.

Have you taken this program previously?  Check out our REBOOT!
We have many customers take this class a second time – they do so after a hiatus in their shooting schedule or as a means of soaking in even more information.  If you are taking this class again, we offer a special “reboot” price.  To get the special price, just select the appropriate drop down in the menu above and add the class to your cart.  Note that this special pricing is only available to participants who have paid for and taken the program previously.

What you need to bring:
Please bring your DSLR/Mirrorless camera.  Be sure that it has a standard hot shoe on the top that can receive our radio transmitters.  Most Nikons and Canons are okay, as are newer Sony mirrorless cameras.  If you have another brand please contact the office before the class so we can make sure your camera will work with our triggers.  There is a usually a solution, but it is a lot easier to puzzle out before the class day!

Besides your camera you will need a memory card with plenty of space, a fully charged battery.  As for lens choice we find that nearly everyone has a lens that works well enough for class purposes, although we know that wide angle lenses are rarely used in class.

Finally, we highly recommend that you wear comfortable shoes as you will be on your feet all day.  Seriously.

What we provide:
SOPHA will be providing all the studio lighting (Paul Buff Einstein and Alien Bee lights), wireless triggers (Pocket Wizards) and lighting modifiers (soft boxes, umbrellas, reflectors, etc.)  You really only need to bring your camera bag and maybe some note taking materials.


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