Location Lighting Class


Learn to rock your location lighting in this hands-on class.

Sunday, May 21, 2017 from 1230pm to 530pm



May 21, 2017 from 1230pm to 530pm
Morrison House Museum and Grounds
Londonderry, New Hampshire

Do you want to ROCK your location lighting skills?

Yes? Learn to use photographic lighting to create the best images on location in our intense hands-on class.

Join us as we use the fields and barns of the Morrison House as a backdrop for this hands-on photography workshop. This program will show you how to make great images in challenging lighting situations – outdoors! From full sun to shade and everything in between, we will learn to solve these challenges using a range of gear and techniques – from the simplest to the most complex.

Wear comfortable shoes – this is not a PowerPoint Class. Like most SOPHA programs, we learn hands-on. This is not a class where you sit and watch PowerPoint slides pass by for hours on end. There are no slides – but there is you, with your camera in your hand, learning by solving lighting challenges in the field. Learn the tools, and the methods, to make better images and in a way where you apply solutions to real world lighting challenges. We tell you to wear comfortable shoes because you will be on your feet all day – working and learning. See, Learn, and Do.

Learn to use photographic lighting to create the best images on location.

This program is being held at the Morrison House Museum grounds, which is owned by the Londonderry Historical Society. This location is only 15-20 minutes from SOPHA. With New England style structures and fields, it will be a perfect backdrop for our studies. It is a pretty darn cool location!

This class is aimed squarely at those who want to control their photographic lighting in the field and on location. This program will be held entirely outdoors, save for a few spots where we use blended light (i.e. standing inside a barn facing outwards).

We will learn four basic methods of location lighting.

– Shade and Diffusion
– Strobist (off-camera speedlights)
– Standard Studio Lights (Alien Bee with the Vagabond Mini Lithium) and
– Profoto B1/B2 Air (both Manual and TTL)

Time permitting, we will also utilize Profoto’s High Speed Sync system for Canon and Nikon.

Small class size, big results.

We will have a maximum of twelve students, but we will likely have fewer. This means you get lots of time to drill down on the subject matter and learn! Go beyond just getting the exposure right, to really learning how to solve real world lighting problems using a hands-on thinking approach!

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