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Get the most out of your SOPHA studio rental experience – and required of all photographers renting our studio space.

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Studio Orientation is required of all photographers renting our studio space.  This one hour program is done one-on-one and gets you on board with SOPHA’s unique rental environment.

One-on-One so you get all the information you need.
Our orientation sessions are just you and a talented member of our staff.  We will make sure you get all the information you need to make sure your rental time is as efficient and effective as possible.  Remember: you are not renting a big empty white “box” – you are renting a fully-equipped studio with an awesome array of gear.

All the behind -the-scenes details.
Orientation is a detailed walk through of our community process.  How can so many photographers work using one space without conflict?  Easy: a simple and easy to follow set of rules that makes it possible us to offer so much for a low price.  In our orientation we walk you through everything – from booking to parking, from checking in to checking out, and everything in between.  And while we do orient you to our gear, including a run through the Einstein studio lights, orientation is not a substitute for a studio lighting class, such as our KickStart Studio Lighting  program.

Scheduled at a time of mutual convenience.
To schedule your orientation simply call or email us and we will schedule your orientation.  Because we block out an hour of studio time in both Studio A and Studio B so that you can see every detail, we are unable to change your studio orientation time slot once booked.  If you need to cancel your orientation, you will need to pay the fee again.

Everyone using the space completes orientation.
We rent to photographers with a full range of experience, from the beginners to the experienced full-time working professionals.  What do they all have in common?  If they shoot here, they have gone through orientation.  Remember: orientation is not a measure of what or who well you shoot in a studio – it is a means by which SOPHA assures that each photographer using our studio knows how to use our gear safely, efficiently, and productively.

The only exception we make for orientation. participation.
Participation in our KickStart Studio Lighting program here at our Merrill Street location “counts” as orientation.  This full day program contains not all the core course material of that program, but also all the components of our Studio Orientation.  Completing a Studio Orientation for these folks would be redundant.  Note: If you took our lighting class at a site other than our Merrill Street location you will need to complete the Studio Orientation.

if you are going to be using our space often, Membership is the way to go!
Studio Members enjoy discounts on classes, equipment rentals, and participate int he life of our large photographic community.   Photographers, working for their art or their business do NOT have to work in a vacuum!  You can learn all about Studio Membership here.

You do not have to be a SOPHA Member to take orientation.
Orientation is required of all Studio Members and for all Non-Members who are renting our studio space.  This program is not required of photographers who have taken our KickStart Studio Lighting class here at Merrill Street, or photographers who are taking classes.

Our Studio Orientation Guidebook is here.


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