Photo Flea Table


Want to sell your photo stuff at our flea?  Rent a table!

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On March 10, 2018 SOPHA will be holding a photo flea market sale event at our studio in Manchester, NH.  This is our fourth photo flea over the years, and they do NOT disappoint!

If you would like to sell something at the photo flea, you have two options: consign the item(s) with us, or rent a table.

If you would like to consign, please contact Bud for more details.

To rent a table at the flea, use this cart item to pay the $20 fee.  This fee gets you a 6′ table and a chair so you can sit behind it.  Easy!

All your items must fit in that 6′ linear space, or immediately in front or behind the table.  Need more space?  Rent another table!  Easy!

Admission to the flea is FREE.  Only buy this item if you want to rent a table space to sell during the event.

In past years we have had over 100 people come to this event.  Why only three hours?  Our experience shows that the same number of folks come through in three hours than in eight – so three hours it is!

Note that you may only sell photo-related items at the flea.  Cameras, lenses, lighting gear, props, backgrounds, stands – all that.  If you aren’t sure if your stuff is appropriate, please ask – we are super easy to work with, but we want the event to stay on point, okay?

Remember: the more people that come to the flea, the more customers for your wares.  Spread the word!

Note: the table fee is non-refundable.  Thanks!