SOPHA Guide to Location Lighting


Now available: our guide to Location Lighting!

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The SOPHA Guide to Location Lighting

This is our 60 page book covering lighting on location.  From working with natural light, using scrims and reflectors, all the way through using High Speed Sync in the Profoto OCF system, this is the guide you have been waiting for!

No fluff – this compact guide gets straight to the point in no nonsense fashion, a SOPHA hallmark since the beginning.  This is the companion book for our flagship class “From Natural Light to Strobes.”

This book is 5.5″x8.5″ inches, perfect to fit in your camera bag.  It is press printed and perfect bound.

To give you a better understanding of what this book contains, here is the table of contents:

Introduction 3
Working with Natural Light 5
Working with Diffusion 5
Bending Natural Light (Reflectors) 7
Adding Light with Strobes 9
Camera Settings 9
Flash Synchronization 11
White Balance 12
Understanding Main and Fill 13
Interpreting Histograms 14
Red Channel Histograms 15
Determining Ambient Exposure 18
Sunny 16 Rule 20
Metering a Strobe Light 21
Sekonic Flash Meters, Tenths and Thirds 22
Overview of Strobe Systems 23
Speedlight (Strobist) Lighting System 24
Studio Strobe (Alien Bee) Lighting System 26
Profoto OCF Lighting System 29
Comparing Location Lighting Systems (Chart) 33
The Sun is The Fill Light 36
The Blend 37
The Strobe is The Fill Light 38
TTL Metering and The Switch 39
High Speed Synchronization 41
Case Study: High Speed Synchronization 43
Light Stands 44
Bonus Thoughts 45
Appendix A: Quick Start Guide 47
Appendix B: Flash Sync Speeds of Popular Cameras 48
Appendix C: Glossary of Location Lighting Terms 54

Our first run of books will be coming in the first week of May.  Orders received now will be available first.

If you would like us to ship your book to you, please select the option from the drop down menu.  Otherwise, we will hold the book for you here at SOPHA and you can arrange to swing by.  Shipping is by first class US Postal Service which will get the book to you very efficiently.

This book is included in the Natural Light to Strobes program, so a separate purchase is not necessary.


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