Salon Image Review Night

SOPHA Salon Image Review Header

SOPHA Salon is our monthly image review night for Members and Guests.

Each month, SOPHA Members come together and review images in the comfort of our studio space.  Members and their guest submit images for review, and the assembled group reviews the images.  Feedback can be both positive and critical, but all feedback is well moderated and supportive.

When is SOPHA Salon?

SOPHA Salon is typically held on the second Tuesday night of the month, with the only exception being January 2, 2018.   Salon starts at 630pm.  We are typically finished by 9pm, with the latest end time at 930pm.

2018 Salon Dates

Members should RSVP using the event listing in the SOPHA  Members group on Facebook.

Who can participate?

SOPHA Members.  All SOPHA Members can attend, including Education and Studio Members.   While we encourage all Members to submit images, Members do NOT have to submit images to participate in Salon.  

Guests of a participating Member.  This guest may submit images and participate in the review, but may only attend as a guest once in their lifetime.  Think of this as a “Sample Experience”.   Members should let us know if they are bringing guest BEFORE that guest submits images.  A ‘head’s up’ is all we are asking for here!

Guests of the studio.  Much like joining us as a guest of a Member, a Guest of the Studio might be looking to check out SOPHA and Salon but not know any participating Members.  If this is you and you are interested, please contact the studio for more information.  

Spouse of a participating Member.  Spouses can join us and participate in the review, but they do not submit images.  Now, let’s stop and define ‘spouse’. We intend that this is your wife, husband, fiancé, boyfriend, girlfriend, domestic partner, live-in-lover, mate, beau, flame, main squeeze, arm candy, heart throb, honey, love-of-your-life, better half, your Boo, numero uno, sweetheart, ball-and-chain, true love, significant other, soulmate, partner in crime, etc.  You get the idea – we aren’t hung up on the labels. 

Image Submission

Members or Guests can submit up to four images for the group review.  It is very important to understand our requirements for image submission.

Images may not be watermarked.  Watermarks mar and image and also detract from the semi-anonymous image review process.

Images must be properly sized.  As we display images on a 4K monitor, we need high resolution files for the image review.  Horizontal images should be 4100 pixels on the long side.  Vertical images should be 2100 pixels on the tall side.  Images should not be “up ressed” to meet these numbers: use the image native resolution if you have fewer pixels than specified.    We wrote a great blog post about how to submit images for Salon!

Images must be sRGB JPG files.  Please submit images only in the sRGB color space and only as JPG files.  We do not accept file formats other than JPG.

Image files must be properly named.  The format for file naming is “1 YOURNAME.JPG”.  Notice that there is a number, a space, then your name. Easy!  The four files names should look like this when done:


We know that this may seem a bit much to digest. Take the time you need to understand the process.  It does matter that you take a moment to grasp what is needed.   Please review this blog post for more details on image preparation, and SOPHA Member Dawn DeMeo created another blog post with detailed instructions on making a Lightroom Preset for Salon.

Images should be submitted by email to BudOnce received and we check them for conformation, we will email back to let you know we have received them.

Submissions should be sent as attachments in an email.  Do NOT send Dropbox or such links – we will not open them.    If you are concerned about file sizes and email, send multiple emails.

Submission deadline is 9am on the day of the Salon. We do not accept late files.  

How is the image review run?

While Salon is run with SOPHA’s characteristic laid back approach, the review has order that is integral to its success.

The evening begins with a brief review of upcoming studio events.  We then go over the structure of our review process and move into the first image.

Once an image is put up on the screen, we ask for up to 30 seconds of quiet time to carefully review the image.  The moderator will ask for feedback.  Feedback, either positive or critical, should be specific.  Example: stating you like the image is not helpful to the photographer.  Stating why you like the image is helpful.  The same is true for more critical thoughts.  Images are not attacked, but rather critiqued.

We review one image from each participant before moving on to the next round – this is the purpose behind the numbering of images for submission.  If time gets short, we accelerate the review nearer to the end of the program in what we call the “speed round”, although this rarely happens.

Hesitant?  First Timer?

While it is true that many folks are nervous or hesitant about submitting images for their first review, experienced Salon participants will tell you that their fears were unfounded.  Our review group is well moderated and supportive.  And while the group will call it the way they see it, the emphasis is on positive reinforcement.

Questions about Salon? 

Contact us!  We are glad to answer your questions.  We are here to help!