SOPHA has 6,000 square feet of studio space available to rent.  And we will admit, we really love our studio!

Our studio space is on the second floor of a modest industrial building in Manchester, New Hampshire.  We rent studios principally to our members, but we rent to non-members as well.  We are heated and air conditioned, have plenty of on street parking out front, clean restrooms – everything you should expect!  Oh, and this:

Our studio includes the gear!

That’s right: our studio lights, modifiers, stands, grip gear – it is all included in the studio cost.  Most photographers simply bring their camera bag, and we have all the rest!

We have two studios – A and B.  When you rent the space you are getting the studio for your exclusive use for that time period.

About Studio A…

Studio A is larger of the two spaces, and features a 12′ wide white cyclorama, a large bank of north facing windows (room darkening curtains are at hand if needed) and a large number of set walls that change frequently.

About Studio B…

Studio B is more traditionally sized, featuring a number of set walls orientated to portraiture.  Studio B is also our converts to our classroom and is also often used for client meetings.

Both Studios Include…

Both studios are fully equipped with six Einstein studio lights each including boom arms and large pre-configured Octadomes.  Each space has its own supply of c-stands and sand bags, along with ceiling mounted cord reels for power, built in stereo speakers (Bluetooth, of course) and a make up booth/station. Both spaces share a common equipment area which holds all our softboxes, reflectors, grids, grip gear, props, textiles, etc.  You name it, we probably have it.  All of it is included in your rental.

Please schedule a tour

The best way to get a feel for our space along with who we are and how we can help you beet your photographic goals is to call or email the office and schedule a tour.  Tours are scheduled at a time of mutual convenience and when both studios aren’t rented (we don’t interrupt shoots to give tours).  Most tour requests can be met wtihin a day – it really is just about finding the best time!

Take the Google Tour

Google did a pano tour of our studio a while back. Much has changed, but you can get the basic idea here:
Studio A –

Studio B –