To Our SOPHA Community:

As you know SOPHA has become a central part of the photographic life of many area photographers,  keeping us busy with studio rentals, classes, image review nights, equipment rentals, sensor cleaning, calibrating lenses,  tutoring, mentoring, and…. well, you get the idea.  The time has come for Kim and I to take a well-earned vacation.

To that end, SOPHA will have limited services available in January 2018.   In short: the studio will be open the first two weeks of the month by appointment only for studio bookings and closed for the last two weeks of the month.

Now for some details.

From January 4th through the 14th:
The studio will be open for Studio Rentals only during this time period.   Bookings will be accepted as SOPHA Staff coverage allows, so Members should be sure to give a minimum of 96 hours notice for a requested booking.   We will not be accepting equipment rentals during this time, nor accepting equipment for calibration or cleaning.  Email will be the only means of booking and routine communication.

From January 15th through 31st:
SOPHA will closed during this time period.  We will reopen for business as usual on February 1st.

Why January?
We have selected January for this vacation as eleven years of data tells us it is our least busy time of year, with the fewest studio bookings, classes, and equipment rentals.  This period will have the least impact on our photographic community.

Further, we have made the following accommodations for our Membership.

Education Members
The two monthly Education Membership programs have been scheduled at the beginning of the month and will run as scheduled.

Salon will be held one week earlier than its usual date on January 2nd starting at 630pm.

Studio Members
Because of the studio’s restricted hours and availability, all studio hours accrued in January may be rolled into February for use.  The roll over will exclude any December roll over hours so please plan ahead.  Note that the hours rolled from January into February must be used in February.

As always, we truly appreciate your patronage and participation in all the SOPHA has to offer.  If you have nay questions about our plans in January, please contact us directly.


– Bud and Kim